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Cathedral Hill rezoning a success

By Windmill Developments, on

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May 11, 2011

We just passed a big milestone in the Cathedral Hill project: we got our zoning yesterday!  Our project is now entitled to move forward as presented.

We are proud of the comments by one of the councillors on the Planning Committee, in supporting the recommendation to approve the rezoning application:

“I’m going to support the recommendation.

Let’s think about some of the things we feel  are important in our City.

Intensification. This gives it.

Mixed use. This has commercial, institutional, residential, open space, access to parks – that’s pretty mixed from my perspective.

We’ve talked a lot, a great deal, both as a group of elected representatives but also in the public and in the media, about the architectural significance of our downtown. We don’t want square, grey, ugly buildings, we want things that will stand out, that will provide a good skyline, that will put Ottawa on the map. Because right now we don’t have it, outside of some of our federal institutions.  This, in my perspective, provides that.

Let’s look at affordable accommodations. We heard from the developer that they’re in discussions with Habitat for Humanity, a wonderful organization that provides affordable home ownership opportunities for families that are starting out.  So this has that.

When we look at the landowner, this is not someone who’s trying to flip this land to get rich. This is a church that provides tremendous support in our community.  And they’ve been pretty frank that if they can’t find a solution, their ability to provide those supports will diminish over time.

This development provides a lot of benefits to this community, and meets almost every objective that I can think of, in terms of what we’re trying to do as a city.

Everyone wants to go to heaven, and no one wants to die. And as our friends in the clergy will attest, it doesn’t work that way.  And we need to give and take a little bit. And this I think provides that to us as a City.

So I’ll be supporting this, and I think it will be in all of our best interests to do so.”

Thanks to our many supporters for endorsing the project.  We are excited to start the next phase of our work.

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