Greening Our Urban Environments Since 2003

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Windmill strongly believes in the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility, which challenges the conventional notion that the only purpose of a corporation is to maximize shareholder returns.  We measure our company’s returns using the Triple Bottom Line – which means that we account for our returns financially, socially and environmentally.

We see corporations as citizens of our communities, and as such we have an obligation to conduct ourselves ethically and responsibly towards the environment, our employees, our customers and the public.  We walk the talk, work with industry partners to grow the green building marketplace, and conduct outreach to the broader community to educate and inspire.

Building the Movement

We are deeply committed to building the green development movement. By creating understanding and awareness, we will help expand the marketplace for our projects and ideas, inspire and empower others and help demonstrate a viable alternative to the conventional development model.

Windmill team members speak widely on green development issues, host training seminars and workshops serve on non-profit boards and committees, and actively contribute to our local communities. Our employees are Board members of the Ottawa Sustainability Fund, the Ottawa Envirocentre, founding Board members of the Canada Green Building Council and have chaired an advisory panel for the delivery of a North America research publication on the impact of green buildings for NAFTA, among many other public service organizations.

Our Culture

We demonstrate our culture of sustainability through our projects, our company operations and our people. Sustainability is part of our everyday lives and we use our business model to promote sustainable lifestyles. For instance, half of our employees work full-time from home, eliminating commuting emissions, reducing energy consumption and enhancing healthy lifestyles. Our annual business development events are zero-carbon and zero-waste, such as our tapas night using all-100-mile foods.

We are an employee-owned business and are motivated intrinsically by our work. Our momentum and success is a product of measured risk and continuous learning. We choose to work with partners who share our vision and possess the business acumen to successfully navigate change while still demonstrating success using traditional business metrics.

Speaking Engagements

We are actively involved in the communities in which we live and work. Through speaking engagements and information seminars, we are spreading the word on the benefits of developing green urban environments.

If you wish us to talk to your group, please contact us and supply us with all the relevant information on the nature of your request. We will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss in detail.