Greening Our Urban Environments Since 2003

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Who We Are

Windmill Development Group (“Windmill”) is a visionary company dedicated to transforming conventional development practices by using a triple bottom line approach to our projects. This ensures that strong ecological, social and financial returns are achieved in all of our projects. Everything that we do is conceived, designed and constructed to protect and enhance the local community and its ecosystems.  We harness innovations in land use, water, air, energy, design, waste management and smart building technologies to create healthy, high-performance green buildings and communities.

The founders of Windmill have held prominent positions in the Canadian design, construction, brownfield and green real estate industry for over thirty years resulting in an unmatched value proposition when it comes to responsible urban infill and property revitalization.

People Planet ProfitsChanging the Paradigm

We believe that developers have a responsibility to be positive agents of change, and are committed to changing the current development paradigm. We are doing this in a variety of ways. We strive to be the driving force behind the creation of a landmark portfolio of “green” real estate that demonstrates competitive advantage over the conventional real estate model for the long-term.  We are providing positive and achievable examples of how development can, and should, be happening.


Strategic Market Positioning

By positioning ourselves early in this evolving industry, Windmill holds considerable first mover advantage when compared to conventional developers. Windmill offers private landholders, government land administration agencies and other potential joint venture partners this whole system, green expertise – a value-add proposition few are able to match.

What Makes Windmill Unique

Learn what makes Windmill unique in the development world, what values drive our team and why our partners and clients choose Canada’s Greenest Developer. Beyond our green initiatives, this video explores the company’s world-class reputation for being a rigorous and holistic driving force in sustainable real estate.