Greening Our Urban Environments Since 2003

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Divisons and Affiliates

Green development is an evolving knowledge based industry that has triggered an unprecedented cycle of innovation in the construction and real estate industry.

Windmill strives to both demonstrate leadership in its own projects and disseminate knowledge broadly through its divisions and affiliates to accelerate the greening of the built environment.

We provide consulting services through our affiliate company, Urban Equation, to other developers, architects and property owners.

We work in concert with a broad team of other green industry professionals under the banner of Ledcor Renew to perform deep green sustainability retrofits on institutional properties and corporate portfolios.

Windmill Divisions

Services Expertise
Windmill Development Group Development
  • Property acquisition
  • Master planning, sales, marketing, finance and
  • development management
  • Niche opportunity development
  • Urban infill, brownfield redevelopment and select resort development
  • Principal developer, co-developer and development manager
Windmill Micro-utilities Micro-utilities
  • Develops on-site renewable energy, water conservation/re-use and wastewater management projects for Windmill and third party private and public sector partners
  • On-site micro-utility business case development
  • Financial modeling and sourcing of gov’t and private sector financing
  • Business structuring and guidance of legal requirements

Windmill Affiliates

Services Expertise
Urban Equation Consulting
  • Development Advisory
  • Sustainable Strategy
  • Program + Policy
  • Renewal + Resilliance
Ledcor Group Retrofit
  • Ledcor Renew streamlines all aspects of building optimization with one team and one point of accountability from start to finish.
  • Energy, water, waste, IAQ and GHG assessment, business plan and execution
  • Renewable and green energy assessment, business plan, procurement and execution
  • LEED EBOM, BOMA BESt and ENERGY STAR assessment
  • Optimized aggregate full retrofit financing with grants, incentives, monetized carbon and life-cyle finance without split incentive challenges
  • General retrofit services